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Love these videos for my daycare! They teach great lessons for circle time. They’re fun and easy to fallow along. Perfect for ages 3-7.
Silvana del Val, Teacher
Wow! As a christian mom I’m always looking for positive videos for my young kids to watch and learn…thank you TinyGrads.
Melissa Leon, Mom
I loooooooove your video! Thanks for this great contribution!
Mama Jenn, Teacher
…Once again, thanks for this beautifully executed song!
Harmony Freeman, Viewer
Thank you so much for posting these videos! They are the PERFECT addition to our weekly science theme! Thanks again!
Daryan Daniello, Teacher
My 2 year old loves Mandy Manners. He keeps asking for “More, more, more!” (Though, I might add that he’s not saying please.)
Emma Selle, Mom

We can’t wait to see your reviews, lessons, songs, or whatever other creative educational genius you’ve come up with!